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Gallipoli č una cittā turistica balneare del Salento in Puglia bagnata dal mare Ionio č situata su un'isoletta e su un promontorio congiunti da un ponte costruito nel 1603. Il centro storico di Gallipoli sorge sull'isoletta racchiuso dalle antiche mura le cui fiancate sono alte sino a 10 metri. Ad ovest (ponente) si notato due isolette "il campo" e "lo scoglio dei piccioni" ed a circa un miglio si scorge il faro dell'Isola di Sant'Andrea


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Gallipoli is situated in the Salento Peninsula (Apulia - South East of Italy); it was built on a promontory and an islet on the Ionian Sea.

Legend has it that a Cretan king shipwrecked on a rock where a siren lived; he fell in love with her and got married giving birth to a lot of seamen who built a town full of architectonic styles and fine works of art. According to the historical tradition, Gallipoli was founded by the Messapians between the 10th and the 16th centuries B.C. When the Greek invaded the Salentine peninsula in the 6th century B.C., the Messapian "Anxa" got the name of Callipoli (from "Kalč polis", meaning 'beautiful city') by the Spartan Leucippo who was considered its founder. Subjected by the Romans in 265 B.C it became a Roman municipium.

In 551 A.D Gallipoli became the religious seat for the bishop and passed under many rulers: Saracens, Byzantines, Normans and Aragonese. In 1484 Gallipoli was forced to surrender to the Venetians. In 1575 Gallipoli took part in the Battle of Lepanto against the Turks. During the 1 ih century Gallipoli, besides being a very important fortified town became a big port for oil loading. In this period there was also a proliferation of brotherhoods and the prosperity of the ruling classes gave a stimulus to the building industry (Churches, Palaces, Courtyards, etc.) and the art of painting (Among the most famous painters we remember: Giovanni Andrea Coppola, Giandomenico Catalano, Nicola e Carlo Malinconico). In the 19th century, however, being involved in the Italian Risorgimento, Gallipoli underwent a decline in its port activity and maritime traffic trade. Today Gallipoli is a proud example of independence and resistance shown with proud zeal in the crowned crest of its sacred cock stilI ready to crow against those who try to disturb the peace of its industrious people and it has become one of the most important seaside resorts in the Mediterranean.

Y ou can reach Gallipoli by train (travelling by railway from the main station ofLecce), car, ship and pIane (from Brindisi Airport).



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B&B Santa Venardia



B&B Santa Venardia 

Santa Venardia

Bed and Breakfast Gallipoli






Bed and Breakfast Gallipoli Santa Venardia


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